SSL Duality at MMG Studios
Date 14 April 2014
Caption SSL Duality at MMG Studios
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MMG Music Media sets audio standard with Duality

“The Duality ensures that creative sessions fuse quickly and easily”

NORHEIM, GERMANY – MMG Music Media (MMG), a facility offering recording and production services for music, TV, radio, advertising and cell phone applications, recently completed its brand new main studio (Studio One) with a Solid State Logic Duality console. MMG has also joined the SSL family as an education and cooperation partner for the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Sarrland. With Duality in its arsenal, MMG is better placed to attract clients looking for a high-end studio experience through industry-leading sound quality, analogue ergonomics and control for DAW workflow.

“When the time came to build this new studio, the only choice was Duality,” says Dirk Stephan, CEO of MMG. “When people find out that you have Duality, they know that this is a top-of-the-line studio; capable of giving a client the best sounding recordings and engineering experience. In other studios that rely on a DAW and controller, I noticed that recording drums, for example, took an immense amount of time to get the right sound and, as a result, eroded the overall creative time for the group. With Duality, the right sound is quickly achievable, so more time is spent recording the creative flow of the project, which ultimately yields a superior recording.”

During Stephan’s 20 years in the industry, he’s worked with the metal band Dream Theater and has produced the Graspop Festival. His recent recordings with Amirah Ali, a contemporary female artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, won Best Overall Female Act and Best Performer for the 2013 VIMA South East Asian Music Awards. Each of these projects was achieved with the Duality. The studio was put into place to be the centrepiece of the production company, with the capability to attract high-end clients. MMG’s Studio One has a recording room big enough to service a 15-piece band, along with a large control room and the requisite vocal and drum booths.

“In an era where many people are building smaller studios or downsizing their operations, we are going in the opposite direction, offering a large, state-of-the-art facility built around the Duality,” says Stephan. “We purchased a large console to be one of the few producers in Germany at this level. When you push all the different media and creative synergies available and form networks with top artists and other esteemed studios, having a Duality at the center of everything boosts everybody’s confidence and is fantastic.”

“When we first ran audio through Duality, the sound was astoundingly precise, crystal clear and wide open,” continues Stephan. “If you run outboard gear, the Duality allows you to really hear the sonic difference between the various mic preamps and dynamics units. The clarity is simply amazing. When we play back earlier projects through the Duality, the difference is dramatic. Everything sounds so much wider and has more depth. The Duality ensures that creative sessions fuse together quickly and easily.”