Product Videos

SSL Matrix² new features overview
A video guide to the Matrix 2 software including: Setup and Installation, inserting and controlling analogue outboard from the front panel, new drag and drop insert browser interface, fader grouping, A-FADA and more.

Matrix Overview
SSL Matrix - Overview
A brief overview of the concepts and capabilities of Matrix
Matrix Tour
SSL Matrix - Tour
A somewhat more detailed tour of the operational capabilities of Matrix

User Videos

Lego Studio video series

'The Lego Studio' is a series of videos demonstrating the sound of the XLogic SuperAnalogue™ range which delivers SSL large format console technology in a range of outboard processors and small consoles designed for professional project studios. These videos are not product tours, they feature audio examples which explore the tonal characteristics of the range and the differences between some of the flavours of processing available within the range.

To fully appreciate what these videos are about you need to download our pack of audio examples supplied in 24bit/48kHz .WAV files