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SSL X-Rack - Andy Gray Interview

825 Records talk to SSL about X-Rack & VHD Pre
825 Records' studio is tucked away Brooklyn NY handling production and mixing for a diverse clientele and the 825 Records roster. Matty Amendola - Head Producer/Owner & Butch Jones - Chief Engineer talk to SSL about their studio and the place X-Rack has at its heart. -

Lego Studio video series

'The Lego Studio' video series: 'Summing'
'The Lego Studio' is a series of videos demonstrating the sound of the XLogic SuperAnalogue™ range which delivers SSL large format console technology in a range of outboard processors and small consoles designed for professional project studios. These videos are not product tours, they feature audio examples which explore the tonal characteristics of the range and the differences between some of the flavours of processing available within the range.

VHD - SSL's 'Lego Studio' Video Series
VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) is the unique SSL analogue circuit which introduces controlled 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion. It's been a big hit with Duality owners and is available in an X-Rack module and the 'Alpha VHD Pre'. This video lets you hear how it sounds.

E vs G - SSL's 'Lego Studio' Video Series
An exploration of the tonal differences between the classic SSL 'E-Series' & 'G-Series' EQ. These two different flavours of EQ are available in our Duality and AWS large format consoles and the Silver & black X-Rack EQ Modules.

Black vs Silver - SSL's 'Lego Studio' Video Series
An exploration of the tonal differences between SSL 'Silver' 9k style EQ & Dynamics X-Rack Modules and 'Black' E-Series style EQ & Dynamics X-Rack Modules.