SSL AWS 900+ SuperAnalogue Channel Strip

The SuperAnalogue™ Philosophy

Pristine Audio Foundations

SuperAnalogue™ is a design philosophy that was first featured in the SL 9000J mixing console. Since then, this technology had been the foundation of the XL 9000K, AWS 900+, and Duality recording consoles.

Through use of our trademarked SuperAnalogue™, DC coupled circuit design implemented in modern surface mount manufacturing techniques, SSL processors enjoy an extraordinarily transparent audio path with ultra-wide and flat frequency response, extremely low distortion and an almost unmeasurable noise floor. It provides a bandwidth greater than 192kHz recorders and a dynamic range well beyond that of 24-bit A-D converters. SuperAnalogue™ circuits are designed to be the fastest-acting, most tonally accurate audio circuits available. The exact same technology, circuit design, and components from our analogue consoles are used in the XLogic outboard processor range.

SSL Mic Amps

There are three different microphone pre amps available in the XLogic range. The SuperAnalogue™ mic amp matches the rest of the SuperAnalogue™ circuit for transparency and purity, so it will not colour the sound of your microphones. The E-Signature preamp precisely replicates the transformer coupled design of the classic 1980’s E Series console and its fabled, warm character. The new VHD Mic amp adds the innovative SSL VHD circuit for a variable blend of 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion.

The Dual EQ Curve Thing

SSL EQ has a reputation for versatility and unique tonal character. There are several flavours available within the range.

Our Duality & AWS 900+ consoles, the X-Rack EQ and SuperAnalogue™ Channel feature a four-band equaliser that can be switched between two different sets of curves, one based on SSLSSL’s G Series Console EQ and the other based on a version of the classic E Series Console EQ. The gentle curves of the G EQ are excellent for overall shaping of instruments and vocals whereas the E EQ offers relatively high Q at low gain settings and is superb for drums and more surgical work.

The E-Signature Channel features the EQ characteristics of two different generations of E-Series Console. It defaults to the original ‘Brown’ Knob circuit that was standard on all early production E Series consoles with its unique rounded character. In 1983 a new version of E EQ was developed in conjunction with legendary producer George Martin. The BlackKnob EQ, as it became known, features enhanced cut and boost ranges together with a different control law as well as a steeper 18dB/octave high-pass filter for tighter control of low frequencies. It is this design which is retained today as the E Series EQ option of today's SSL consoles, the X-Rack EQ and SuperAnalogue™ Channel.

Cool Dynamics

There are three flavours of dynamics available within the XLogic SuperAnalogue™ range. Our classic Compression & Gate/Expander circuits are renowned for their transparency and versatility making them ideal for every day recording duties. The legendary Listen Mic Compressor is an extremely aggressive circuit that is awesome on drums. The Stereo Bus Compressor is a simple but devastatingly effective stereo master bus compressor that instantly makes mixes sound bigger and stronger without compromising clarity.

Total Recall

SSL Total Recall is the closest thing you will get to digital console style instant mix parameter recall in an analogue recording device. Our patented system uses an LED associated with every control to guide the return of all controls to settings stored previously in a snapshot of mix parameters. It is a standard feature on X-Rack.