Mynx Applications

The SSL Mynx chassis supports all of the current X-Rack module range.

Below are some sample applications:

X-Rack Mic Amp + VHD Input

For the ultimate SSL input into your chosen recording device, choose from either the purity of the SuperAnalogue™ Mic Amp Module or the ‘mojo colour’ of theVHD Input Module.

The Mic Amp Module provides a Variable Impedance Input control and front panel ¼” Jack input (in addition to the rear panel XLR input) along with independent high and low pass filters to accommodate a broad selection of instrument and line level sources. The VHD Input Module features the acclaimed SSL Variable Harmonic Drive circuit enabling the introduction of a broad range of overdrive characteristics to your source material. VHD delivers valve like characteristics of 2nd harmonic distortion, the gritty transistor like characteristics of 3rd harmonic distortion or a blend of the two. It can inject anything from subtle warmth or character, to the most urban of distortions, giving an edge to help sounds cut through a mix. As a bonus the VHD module also features the famous SSL Listen Mic compressor, the ‘chocolate Gorilla’ of drum processing.

X-Rack Channel EQ + Dynamics

The classic SSL combination of audio processing; now available in a portable box!

The Channel EQ Module has the options of the SSL E or G Series Console characteristic curves. A choice of ‘surgical’ precision or ‘musical’ warmth in a direct copy of the XL 9000 K Series console EQ circuit. The Dynamics Module offers a huge range of processing options, featuring the traditional SSL over-easy RMS compressor, switchable to peak sensing hard knee. The Dynamics Module also features an extremely versatile Gate switchable to an Expander. Comprehensive yet simple to use. Combined theses two modules give you all the creative power of a SSL large format console channel strip.

X-Rack Stereo Bus Compressor

The universally acclaimed mix bus compressor.

Add the industry standard ‘audio glue’ to your mix with the X-Rack implementation of the audio production legend that is the Stereo Bus Compressor. You can read all about the Stereo Bus Compressor HERE. A true Stereo side chain allows external keying for creative use, otherwise this is no different to the sound that has graced thousands of hit records over the years.

X-Rack Input Module + Master Bus Module

Build the world’s smallest SSL mixer and carry it around with you!

Choose either the 4 Channel Input Module with four independent mono Level, Insert and Pan controls for a great tracking solution or the 8 Channel Input Module for a larger SSL SuperAnalogue™ summing solution. The Master Bus Module provides summing capability for the Line Input modules and essential main and mini speaker control (with Level control, Dim & Cut buttons), Metering, Master Insert (with handy ‘Insert Sum’ feature which enables use of the Insert Return as an additional stereo mix input), Monitor control (also with Level, AFL solo, Dim & Cut)… and a dedicated front panel Headphone Output (with Level control).

Of course you are free to combine the modules of your choice to suit the way you need to work.